Special Olympics Azerbaijan
of Special Olympics Azerbaijan

There are 7 more regional programs of Special Olympics Azerbaijan besides Baku and Absheron peninsula. In addition to the regional programs, initial organizations of Committee – adaptive physical activity and sport clubs function under the special, subordinate schools and boarding schools in Baku and other regional programs.

As result of regional contests, national teams are formed and provided for participation in republican competitions

Regional programs of the Committee are as follows:

 1. Baku-Absheron Regional Program
 2. Ganja Regional Program
 3. Sumgayit Regional Program
 4. Sheki Regional Program
 5. Guba Regional Program
 6. Lenkeran Regional Program
 7. Göychay Regional Program
 8. Salyan Regional Program


Family Program operates since 1995. 440 families and family members are involved into the Special Olympics movement. Due to this program, athletes in the families are involved to Special Olympics movement.

There is a project involving 3-7-year-old children to the movement. This project is called “Young Athletes” and the little children are the reserve staff of Special Olympics movement. According to the International Special Olympics rules, children up to the 8 years old can take part in the Special Olympics games.

Opening additional regional programs and increasing the number of young athletes will develop Family Program Project in future.

Family Program is being developed by Simra Aliyeva.


In 2014, in connection with the events for 5-7 years old young athletes, the International Special Olympics Committee transferred USD 5,000 amount to Special Olympics Azerbaijan. The purpose of the project was to attract young athletes for swimming and athletics trainings and organizing events within the "Happy Starts" framework, devoted to the International Children's Day – 1 June.

More than 100 young athletes at 5-7 years old of United Aid for Azerbaijan Organization were involved from special, subordinate schools and boarding schools of Baku and Absheron peninsula. Sports events, devoted to the International Children's Day – 1 June, were held at the Olympic Centre and base of the "Education" Republican Sports Centre.

Gifts and medals established by the Special Olympics Azerbaijan were awarded to the young athletes.


In 2014 Republican contests on badminton and table tennis sports were organized for younger athletes ages of 8-12. In these contests athletes were reviewed for the nomination for Committee's national teams.

The teams of Baku-Absheron, Ganja, Sheki, Lenkeran, Göychay and Salyan regional committees took part in the contests.

Trophies and diplomas established by the Special Olympics Azerbaijan were awarded to the winner and runner-up teams. Also the winners and runner-up sportsmen were awarded medals.


The initiative on preparation of Adapted physical activity specialist comes from Special Olympics Committee in 2001. Given initiative was adapted by the Ministry of Sport and Youth and an official letter of the Committee was sent to a scientific conference of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Activity and Sport. On a decision of that scientific conference teachers of the Academy of Physical Activity and Sport began to teach the subject on the preparation of adapted physical activity specialists since 2002. International seminars on adapted physical activity were held in 2002-2005 years by Special Olympics Committee and Sport Academy. The coordinator of Special Olympics Committee Europe/Eurasia Krzystof Krukowski, professor of Sport and Physical Activity University of Saint-Petersburg named after Lesgaft Sergey Yevseyev and chairman of the Academy of Sport of Georgia.

On a decision of scientific conference the preparation work of adapted physical activity specialists was given to Hanifa Gurbanov, professor of the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity.


Volunteers help the Special Olympics Azerbaijan since 1990. Volunteers’ help is very important, especially, during the preparation to sport competitions and events. At the present moment the total number of volunteers is 230 men.

The most part of volunteers consist of teachers of special and subsidiary schools, children’s houses, students of Azerbaijan Sport Academy.

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